How does a Lighter Charm work?

Lighter Charms are perfect for lighter identification and self-expression. Simply slide the silicone band on your lighter, pop a charm into the charm band and use your lighter as you normally would. (For lighting candles and stuff. NOT if you’re an arsonist.) You can change out the decorative charm with others you collect, and the more designs that become available, the easier it will be to set your lighter apart from the rest. You can also use the charm as a ball marker, a fridge magnet – whatever you like. Just don’t eat them or let kids play with them. We can’t possibly stress this more. They are dangerous and potentially deadly to pets and people alike if ingested.

Do Lighter Charms fit every lighter?

Lighter Charms were made to fit Bic® Classic and Elite® Windproof disposable lighters, but neither Lighter Charms nor our parent company Twisted Foot LLC is affiliated with, licensed by, endorsed by or sponsored by Societe Bic or Elite Brands USA in any way whatsoever. Bic® is a registered trademark of Societe Bic. Elite® is a registered trademark of Elite Brands USA.

Where can I keep my other Lighter Charms when I’m not using them?

The magnet on the underside of the charm allows it to be stored on any magnetic metal surface, like the refrigerator. Unfortunately, stainless steel is not magnetic (but the sides of the fridge sometimes are).

If the charm pops out of the band, will the magnet affect my phone?

Nope. If the charm pops out of the charm band, the magnet will not affect your smartphone in any way.

If I have a Lighter Charm on my lighter and stand it upright, will the lighter fall over?

Lighter Charms were designed to be light enough that they won’t tip your lighter over when standing your lighter upright.

How will a lighter with a Lighter Charm feel in my pocket?

Lighters with Lighter Charms have pocket profiles no more conspicuous than a set of car keys. The silicone band also provides grip in your pockets and purses to help prevent your lighter from accidentally falling out.

How long will a Lighter Charm band and charm last?

When used as intended, the silicone band should last a year or longer before the silicone gradually loses it’s ability to hold a charm. The charm inserts – constructed of glass and aluminum – should last indefinitely.

Are Lighter Charms safe to use?

Lighter Charms could be dangerous if swallowed or used in any other way not mentioned here. So PLEASE keep them out of the reach of children. Did we mention that you can store extra charms on the fridge?

Does it matter if I’m right- or left-handed?

Not a bit. The silicone band makes it easy to slide the Lighter Charm on and off, facing whatever direction you prefer, based on your dominant hand.

Is the charm band fireproof?

The glass of the charm is fireproof. The silicone band isn’t fireproof at all.

When can I get a Lighter Charm with my favorite team or organization’s logo?

Any organization can order branded Lighter Charms as long as they have permission to use their logo for such a purpose.

What is the minimum order to get personalized Lighter Charms for myself or my organization?

Let’s talk. Email sales@twistedfoot.com or call 704.953.6876.

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