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Lose Your Lighter Less with our smoking accessories

You can stop worrying about your vape rolling off the table and personalise your smoking experience even more with the help of our lighter and vape charms.

We understand the frustration and inconvenience of misplacing or losing your vape. You don’t want to waste your money on another Bic lighter without using up the previous one. With our smoking accessories, you can say goodbye to the stress of searching for your vape or lighter and focus on enjoying your smoking sessions to the fullest.

Save money on smoke

Our Lighter Charms with the Charm Bands allow you to extinguish the flame before any of your greens get wasted. The borosilicate glass fits most bowls and can withstand heat well beyond expectations. The silicone-made bands fit well on Bic and Clipper lighters and will last you for as long as you have them. 

The Vape Charms we offer keep the glass from breaking in case of drops and falls and protect the liquid and coil inside. It also helps you store dangerous products up and away from pets and kids

Keep safe with our smoking accessories

At Twisted Foot, we believe that safety should always come first when it comes to smoking. That's why our smoker accessories not only help you keep track of your vape or lighter but also minimize fire risks associated with lost or unprotected smoking essentials. By securely holding your vape or lighter in place, our charms and holders prevent accidental drops and spills, reducing the chances of fire hazards and ensuring a safer smoking environment for you and those around you

Lighter Charms

Never lose track of your lighter again with our lighter charms. The magnetic accessories add a touch of flair to your smoking routine while ensuring your lighter is always within reach. Even better, you can use them as bowl snuffers and fit them on your Bic lighter!

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Vape charms

Make a statement with our eye-catching vape charms, specially designed to decorate your vape device and express your individuality. Stick your vape wherever you want and make sure it doesn’t roll of the table with our magnetic smoking accessories. 

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Pod Charms

Personalize your pod device with our stylish pod charms, crafted to enhance the look of your favorite vaping accessory. With a variety of designs and colors to choose from, our pod charms allow you to customize your device to reflect your personality and taste. Discover the perfect pod charm to make your vaping experience truly your own.

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Meet the Founder of Twisted Foot

After his open-heart surgery at 37 years old Robert found himself not able to lead the life he used to. Being on medication for the rest of his life redefined his priorities and led to new opportunities and ideas. Managing his stress levels became a priority and cannabis became an interesting option to do that. 

It was his experimentation with cannabis that led to the creation of Twisted Foot, LLC with the mission to solve universal smoking and vaping problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Charm Bands fit a full size Clipper lighter and Bic lighter. It will easily slip onto your lighter and keep it safe, while adding a personalized twist to your smoking accessory.

Our Lighter Charms offer over 17 000 impressions to choose from to fit anybodies taste. Just pick a charm from our shop and attach it to your charm band. Switch it up whenever you want to!

Lighter Charms are magnetic accessories designed by Twisted Foot to personalize and keep track of your lighter. These charms attach to your Bic or Clipper lighters, adding a unique flair while ensuring your lighter is always within reach. They also function as bowl snuffers, allowing you to extinguish flames efficiently and save your greens.

There are many ways in which you can personalize your vape for example using vinyl stickers or custom paint jobs. However these can be on the pricey side of decorations and they don’t add functionality to your cannabis accessories. Our vape charms not only personalize your device but also makes sure the device is proceed and within reach.

The best smoking accessories combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our products do exactly that by using stick on magnets to let you keep your vape within reach and add personalized touch with tevery design of your choosing.

A bowl snuffer is a tool used to extinguish the flame in a smoking bowl, preserving the unused greens and ensuring safety. Our Lighter Charms can function as bowl snuffers, fitting onto Bic lighters and Clipper lighters and minimize waste during smoking sessions.

To add promotions to products, retailers and distributors can add a logo, bran or a QR code to merchandize. Twisted Foot offers wholesale product and customization allowing you to do just that and add your companies image to lighters, vapes and pods.

Lighter Charms are made of durable materials that can attach magnetically to any surface. The design is durable and will last you for as long as you need keeping your lighter safe and ready to use at any time.

Yes, Twisted Foot offers customization option that allow you to add your own logo or QR code to the charm. it is perfect for any business looking to promote their brand or for people wanting a personalized touch on their smoking accessories.

Twisted Foot provides wholesale purchasing options where you can purchase the products in large quantities. Contact us to learn more about the process.


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